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Study name
Whenever possible, the trial registration number from the applicable registry should be used. If a trial is registered in more than one registry then the order of priority is:

  1. ClinicalTrials.gov
  2. EudraCT
  3. All other registries.

If there is no registration number, or if the registration number is not known, then the protocol name used by the sponsor should be used. The appropriate format is: SPONSOR-PROTOCOL

If the name of the protocol is unknown, or if such a name is not available, then the name of the principal author and the year of publication of the final report should be used, with the appropriate format being: AUTHORNAME-YEAR.

If this results in more than one identical publication then these should be distinguished by subscripts, i.e., AUTHORNAME-YEAR-A etc.

In the interest of simplicity only one indication can be entered for each trial. The indication should be written as specifically as possible (i.e., Major Depressive Disorder, not MDD, Depression or Depressive Disorder).

Pharmaceutical interventions should be written using the generic name for the active ingredient. Psychological interventions should be denoted with their most common abbreviation (i.e., CBT not Cognitive Behavioural Therapy). Pill placebo, as well as psychological placebo, are both denoted simply as placebo.

Enter the generic name of the drug you wish to search for

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